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Cuddly Toys & Cuddly Cushions

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Stuffed animals - friends forever

Helpers in all situations

Paul has one, so does Emma and so does Marie. Every child - and perhaps many an adult as well - swears by his or her stuffed animal. It is a comforter, a sleep aid and a best friend at the same time. It calms the nerves, often accompanies your child for a lifetime and is an important milestone on the way to independence. It is simply part of being a child and conveys a feeling of safety and security. In addition, cuddly toys encourage imagination, train social behavior through role play and teach your child the ability to form emotional bonds. Whether for falling asleep, at kindergarten or on vacation - stuffed animals are daily companions and friends for life. It is therefore all the more important that the favorite cuddly toy is made of material that is free of harmful substances and is resistant and washable. Of course, it should also be cuddly and look funny. Whether you are looking for a perfect gift for the birth or simply need a "faithful" friend for your child - with us you will find fancy cuddly toys and pillows with high quality standards.

Individual darlings

Especially high-quality, exclusive and unique in design are the cuddly toys from Jellycat. The name alone suggests that these cuddly friends are not "traditional teddy bears", but original cuddly toys that are hilarious. Sometimes a little funny, sometimes cute, sometimes unusual, but always a little different presents itself the assortment. The cuddly friends come with crazy names like Larry Lobster, Cordy Roy or Alan Alligator and enchant your little ones with a very specific design. Especially popular is the Jellycat bunny. With his cute eyes and long ears, he makes not only children's eyes shine. As if from another world presents itself the bird bouquet Odette Ostrich. With glamorous feathers and the long legs, the plush figure almost looks like a little superstar who wants to be cuddled by his fans. A dancing unicorn in a pink mesh tutu and shiny satin shoes or a funky flamingo lady with wild feathers is also among the favorites. A trendy cuddly toy for the very youngest is Cordy Roy. Whether as a fox or a pig - with its super soft fabric and soft filling, it is especially suitable for babies. Jellycat has now developed into a lifestyle brand and is considered a common tip when it comes to toys and special gifts for children. Of course, the plushy darlings meet the highest standards and are thus also absolutely recommended for babies and toddlers. Simply beautiful to cuddle! But not only that: we can also warmly recommend soft cuddly pillows from Lottas Lable or cuddly stuffed animals from well-known brands like Little Dutch.