Desk for loft bed

Children grow up quickly. As soon as they start school, they need a desk. At the same time, however, the crib, as the center of the children's room, is not easy to place somewhere else if there is a lack of space. A loft bed with its play possibilities and with its enormous amount of space is the solution.

Integrating a desk in the loft bed

Especially for the first years of school, a desk for the loft bed is a good choice. The children's room does not have to be refurnished. The familiar environment remains for playing.
Depending on the type of sleeping option, you can choose the desk for loft bed for your child between different variants. offers the most diverse solutions of the renowned brand suppliers for children's beds and loft beds, including:

  •     Dolphin
  •     Flexa
  •     Hoppekids
  •     Lifetime

Schreibtische für Kinderbetten für das Zeichnen, Hausaufgaben und Lernen bei

Customized solutions for the children's room

Each of these manufacturers offers you very individual solutions for the respective loft beds. For example, the desk can be mounted under the lying surface, the classic variant.
Another option is the pull-out variant. This solution is particularly suitable if the desk for the loft bed has the same height as the crib.
For homework, the desktop is pulled out and can disappear again for playing.

Space for playing and learning in the children's room

The special features of a loft bed create space in the children's room, allowing play, fun, sleeping and learning to be combined even in the smallest of spaces, without compromising on space.
Thus, the usual space for playing and romping is preserved and your child still finds the right place to do his homework. Of course, you should consider the conditions of the children's room when choosing a desk for loft bed. supports you in finding the right desk for the children's room

Our trained staff at will be happy to help you with any questions you may have. So do not hesitate to ask our expert staff for advice. We will be happy to help you so that the desk for loft bed optimally fulfills its purpose and does not limit the joy of play for your Children.