Double Beds

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Wide range of double beds

A beautiful double bed is the special center of the bedroom. Many couples choose the model very carefully. You can choose between many different models, which vary in design and functionality, as well as appearance.

Furnish the first own bedroom appealingly

Designing the first bedroom together is a special moment for many young couples. They choose the double bed with extra love, as the bedroom is a place of togetherness and retreat. The first night together in the new apartment or house is a particularly romantic moment. Candles, flowers, the first photo together or other beautiful accessories that remind of special moments of the relationship can find their place in the bedroom.

Classic bed options with slatted frame and mattress

From reputable manufacturers like Dolphin, you can get a classic bed made of real pine wood in different widths. Adjust the width of your double bed to the size of your bedroom. There are widths of 140, 160 and 180 centimeters to choose from, combined with a length of 200 centimeters. From a width of 160 centimeters, you will need two mattresses and two slatted frames. Alternatively, opt for a modern bed with a bed base and stool, or buy a flat upholstered bed in the popular colors of white or black. Regardless of which model you choose: You get exceptionally good quality at a price that even young people can afford.

Modern upholstered beds in various colors and designs

You can get upholstered beds from manufacturers like Karup and Steens. The selection is so large that you might have a hard time choosing the right model. Get inspired and choose a double bed that will add a special touch to the interior of your bedroom. Black and white are colors for modern beds that are especially trendy. But warm brown tones are also popular to buy.
The double bed is equipped with an integrated mattress, which forms a single unit with the bed frame. The headboard gives you the opportunity to take a comfortable sitting position.

For the beautiful and appealing design of your bedroom, you can decorate the double bed with pillows or blankets in different color combinations and create a particularly attractive ambience.

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