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When you go to bed in the evening, you look forward to your night's rest, your body regenerates and in the morning you want to wake up fit and well-rested. Healthy sleep contributes to the well-being and supports health. Many people have to struggle with sleep problems, often the sleeping place is one of the reasons. According to the saying "You made your bed, now sleep in it", you should look carefully when choosing your bed.

Futon bed - what is it actually?

One way to create a comfortable place to sleep is a futon bed. This is a combination of a low bed and a mattress as a support, the futon. The combination of frame, mattress and sleeping near the floor is combined here, this variant of beds looks modern and upbeat. Due to the low height, a futon bed is suitable for bedrooms with sloping ceilings and is optimal for low rooms. The mattress is made of natural materials, which are layered in several layers. Horsehair, coconut, virgin wool, cotton or natural latex are used. They provide a healthy sleeping climate and good moisture exchange. Futons vary in thickness, the number of layers as well as the hardness of the mattress.

Slatted frame or comfort mattress?

With a futon bed you bring Asian atmosphere into your bedroom. Clearly structured and visually beautiful, the beds from the manufacturer Karup are available in a wide range of sizes. If you are looking for a couch that also serves as a bed, you will also find what you are looking for in the selection. Whether basic, comfort or special mattress, choose the desired base. The bed frame does not necessarily have to be equipped with a special futon mattress. In principle, any commercially available mattress in the appropriate size will fit as a support. If desired, the futon beds are equipped with a rolling grate or slatted frame, so that good ventilation of the mattress is guaranteed. In the rolling grate solid wooden bars are connected by straps, slatted grates are flexible, comfortable and can be adjusted to the body weight of the sleeper

Schlafzimmer - Betten, Schränke und Kommoden bei 123moebel.de

Who has the choice...

Futon beds are available in modern or classic style. Choose between box shape and a frame with legs, metal feet provide an individual look. A futon bed is between 20 and 50 centimeters high, whether single or double, you will lie well on a futon. The frame is made of natural materials such as pine wood, it creates a cozy atmosphere, provides temperature equalization and regulates humidity. Futon beds are available with or without a headboard, choose a natural frame, a futon bed in white or black. Decide for yourself which type of mattress is ideal for you. Find your comfortable and healthy sleeping option now.

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