Futon Mattresses

Traditional Asian sleeping comfort

Futonmatratzen für Betten und Futonbetten

Individual and authentic

Some love it hard, others a little softer - our futon mattresses from the Karup label adapt perfectly to your body and ensure an optimal sleeping experience. From the Basic version to the Comfort mattress, we offer you the most diverse models in a wide range of colors and sizes. Whether traditional directly on the floor, puristic with a tatami mat or in combination with a bed base - our futon mattresses offer restful and healthy sleep. Multiple layers of natural materials give you a secure lying feeling, provide a pleasant bed climate and high comfort. In addition, they are space-saving and easy to store. Especially in smaller rooms with minimal space requirements, our futons are a real alternative. In addition to the multifunctional properties, futons offer the possibility to design their sleeping place individually and stylishly. The no-frills, simple futon mattresses can be wonderfully combined with a wide variety of furnishing styles and offer room for creativity. Particularly beautiful is the characteristic quilting with felt heads, which give the mattresses a distinctive touch.

Sleep well naturally

Futonmatratzen für Betten und Futonbetten

Depending on individual requirements for lying comfort, quality and size, you have the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of models. For example, the futon mattress Basic with a lying surface of 180 x 200 cm or 160 x 200 cm offers enough space for two people. The Futon Traditional ensures perfect ventilation thanks to a mattress core made of cotton. With six layers of cotton and one layer of foam core, the futon mattress Comfort guarantees high-quality and relaxed sleeping. You can experience an even more authentic Japanese-style sleeping experience with a traditional tatami mat. The mats made of rice straw keep the floor pleasantly warm and have a positive effect on the quality of sleep. If you like it more comfortable, you can choose a futon mattress in combination with a stylish but plain futon bed. Very popular is also the combination of mattress with a futon sofa or futon chair as a practical sleeping accommodation for spontaneous overnight guests. Another highlight is the Sit & Sleep futon mattress. Whether as a comfortable armchair, a practical guest bed or a cozy chillout zone - Sit & Sleep combines functionality with stylish design.

Of course, we offer matching covers for every mattress in a wide variety of sizes and Colors.