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A loft bed is practical, but also extremely attractive for children. It provides more space in the children's room and has a similar attraction as the tree house in the garden. Loft beds for children, are not only a place to sleep.
They can be set up as a play bed or offer space for

  • an integrated desk,
  • shelves and storage Options
  • a wardrobe or
  • a seating area

Loft bed or bunk bed?

By adding a second lying surface, the loft bed also quickly becomes a bunk bed or corner bunk bed. Another advantage of the brand furniture from our offer is the modular construction. Various conversion kits adapt the loft beds to the changing demands of growing children.

What are the options of the loft bed in detail?

Tips for the right bed in the children's room

Beds for children do not have to go up to the ceiling. Even a medium-high bed frame offers children enough space to play, learn, or to store clothes and toys.

The ascent is possible with sloping or straight ladders, some designs also allow the addition of a slide. Such a loft bed with slide is then called a play bed.
The height of the beds can also be changed in part by different substructures. For example, the normal single bed becomes a real loft bed. For some of these beds there is also a building component, which turns them into a real tree house in the children's room. If more than one sleeping accommodation is needed, then the single bed becomes a bunk bed or a corner loft bed with a suitable conversion kit, which takes up a little more space but offers a more attractive sleeping area on the lower level.

Hochbett für das Kinderzimmer von Markenherstellern wie Dolphin, Flexa, Hoppekids und Lifetime

Bed curtains, play tunnels, towers and more!

Many possibilities for the transformation of the loft beds also offers the textile bed accessories. With curtains, pillows, canopies and other accessories, the loft bed becomes a knight's castle, a jungle camp or a fairy tale castle for the princess. The curtains are designed with motifs that match the theme bed and have partially closable windows and entrances. They are attached to the bed frame, creating a tent-like space under the bed.

A bed tunnel in the design of the bed theme forms a bed canopy but, unlike the canopy, does not need to be attached to the ceiling or wall. It is constructed similarly to a throw tent, but is open on two opposite sides, creating a semi-cylindrical cross-section and allowing the mattress to be pushed through. The bed tunnel can also be used as a play tunnel outside of the loft bed, as long as it is not firmly bolted to the bedposts.

Finally, the matching bed linen from the textiles bed accessories section rounds off the play bed equipment.

What will become of the bed when the children grow?

The elements that make the loft bed a play paradise can just as easily be removed and replaced with other elements. Older children make use of the space under the loft bed, for example, with a matching desk top, shelves or hanging shelves, such as those found on Lifetime loft beds. Desk conversion kits come complete with loft bed legs and replace the simple bed base. They are available with a large, full-length tabletop or as a corner desk that still leaves room for a shelf or base cabinet. This way, the bed and desk are on the same footprint, leaving more room for other things in our children's room.

Even in the world of loft beds, however, there are changes from time to time. The loft bed classics from Thuka, for example, now go by the name Flexa Basic.

In the loft bed safe as in Abraham's lap

Hochbett für das Kinderzimmer von Markenherstellern wie Dolphin, Flexa, Hoppekids und Lifetime

Before the practical and the attractive for children features of loft beds, the most important feature is probably the non-hazardousness in children's beds. That the loft beds have no sharp corners and edges is a matter of course.
In addition, safety certificates, TÜV certifications, the GS seal and, at Hoppekids, even the Nordic Eco label attest to the safety and quality of the bed constructions of our brand suppliers. All wooden parts of the children's beds are treated with high-quality, pollutant-free paints. They are available clear varnished, oiled or white glazed. These variants of surface treatment all reveal the natural character of the wood to a greater or lesser extent. As a new trend color crystallized in recent years a shade of gray, also called terra by some!

Materials that last a Lifetime

A loft bed that can be converted into a single bed only makes sense if the workmanship and materials are of such high quality that it can be in use long enough. Children, for whom currently the elevated lying surface is still the biggest dream and who like nothing better than to play knight, princess, pirate or astronaut with their friends on, under and around the bed after school, soon grow up to teenagers, who then want a simple, plain bed.
The children's beds we offer are almost exclusively made of solid wood. On the one hand, this ensures a pleasant living environment, on the other hand, it is an incredibly durable material. Whether solid Nordic pine (which warps much less than the cheap South American pine!), birch or even beech (both very stable hardwoods) - only selected materials are used by our manufacturers to be able to guarantee stability, character and durability.

So you can choose one of the products we offer without hesitation! We assure you, you will enjoy the products for a very long time!

PS: Did you know that many of our beds have withstood the rigors of continuous use in youth hostels and vacation homes for years? We have written an entry on this topic in our blog.