Junior Beds

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The junior bed - the clever transitional solution!

Life means change. Especially in baby and toddler age, these changes can, under certain circumstances, come pretty much bang on. Growing, learning, assigning impressions, everything new. Babies' lives are exciting and full of new surprises every day. Some children cope very well, for others it is now and then exhausting to deal with all the changes. Especially when it comes to changes that affect old habits. Here, of course, we are talking about the old habit of sleeping in the well known crib. There are several reasons why your child should move from the crib to a larger sleeping space. However, there is no one time that is fundamentally right for this. Children are just as different as their families and their conditions. Sometimes children simply outgrow their first crib, sometimes the crib is needed for additional offspring who are already on the way, and sometimes children simply need to be given the opportunity to potty train on their own at night. But how do you make this move as comfortable as possible for your child? And which bed actually comes after the crib?

Why a junior bed? And what exactly is a junior bed?

Junior beds include all beds with a lying surface of between 70 x 140 cm and 90 x 160 cm that allow the child to get out of and into the crib independently. Good junior beds always offer the possibility to install a fall protection, because children who have always slept in a crib can tend to tumble out of the crib at night. Here it is necessary to plan ahead when buying the crib. These are available in various designs. In the meantime, most of them, at least in our 123moebel.de online store, are equipped with the option to convert them into a junior bed.

Juniorbetten bei 123moebel.de

And when will my child move to his junior bed?

If your baby starts trying to climb over the bars, you should act quickly. Because this can end dangerously! Now it's definitely time to move. If the crib can be converted into a junior bed, you will save yourself and your child a lot of stress. Because a converted crib is far from being a brand new bed. So it's not really a move at all, just a conversion. Children who generally have a hard time with change will thank you for this simplified form of noticeable growing up.

Schlaf Kindlein Schlaf - In the FLEXA baby crib, from the first breath to the school cone!

Babies and toddlers need a healthy night's sleep. And they need it every night. They spend most of their young lives in their crib. So this should be as high quality, safe and comfortable as possible.
Just like the 5 in 1 crib from FLEXA. The convertible all-rounder with the height-adjustable slatted frame guarantees safety and quality for the first years of life. Once your child has outgrown the bed, it can also be used as a small children's couch. A real all-rounder, where price and performance are right!

Your crib is not convertible or is needed for a new sibling?

If your crib doesn't have the option to convert to a junior bed, or if a sibling is already on the way who needs the space in the crib, you should act thoughtfully to make the move to a new crib as easy as possible for the older child. Think about buying a junior bed early! After all, the Older Child should move into their new crib at least six months before the delivery date.
Of course, our junior beds, like all our furniture, are high-quality branded products, where sustainable manufacturing, the best materials and raw materials, as well as absolute freedom from harmful substances and the safety of your child have the highest priority.

    Our manufacturers Hoppekids and Manis-h offer junior beds with fall protection closed all around and even a variant with a small ladder to make it easier for the child to get in and out. Half-height play beds can also be found among the junior beds from Manis-h. Once your children have finally outgrown the junior bed, it can still be used as a cute little children's couch.

If you already have a convertible crib, it may also be worthwhile to simply purchase a new crib for the new baby with the option to convert it to a junior bed, so that the older sibling doesn't feel that the new baby is now taking its place. This way, when it is naturally time, your older child can experience the easier conversion of their own crib instead of having to move into a whole new one. For a great selection of convertible cribs, check out our manufacturers bopita and Childhome.

Juniorbetten bei 123moebel.de

A party for a new bed!

Moving to a new bed, does not have to be a tearful and nerve-wracking event. After all, you have it in your hands how your child goes through the whole procedure. Don't worry too much and let everything come to you in a relaxed manner. If you are stressed, this will naturally be transmitted to your child. Show your offspring his new bed with sparkling eyes a while before the planned moving date. Present it as if there is nothing better than finally sleeping in a big bed. If possible, set up the new bed in the nursery early so it can be included in play and explored during the day.
When the big day arrives, of course, celebrate the move properly with grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle or the club of stuffed animals or action figures. A housewarming party definitely helps to cope better with the pain of separation from the beloved crib. Put the event on the family calendar together with your child and be prepared for some exploring, especially during the first few nights. After all, your child needs to test out and get to know the new, big freedom first. It is important to equip the junior bed with the appropriate components that prevent your child from falling out.