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Kids Beds with Slides

It's okay to play and laugh!

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Being a child once again. Once again laughing and romping and playing and having fun to your heart's content.
Who doesn't think about that from time to time. Especially when the advantages of being an adult are once again hidden between gray rain clouds, appointments and long days at the office. To be a child once again.
But because that's not how it works, of course, there's only one way for you to experience the laughter and fun once again. Namely, by making your children happy!

And what easier way to make your child happy than with a playground in your own room? What child doesn't wish for that?
As the centerpiece of the play and fun landscape, of course, only a real loft bed with a slide comes into question. Especially for the smaller children, this purchase is worth it all the time, because you will still have a very long time of joy with the slide bed of your choice.
Of course, you can equip the loft bed - even if it has a slide, with the matching textile sets and thus offer your child not only a playground, but even an adventure playground with a theme.
Especially on the aforementioned long days at the office, when the sky is low and gray depresses the mood, your children will be even more pleased that you have the opportunity to further savor the playground feeling at home in the cozy room. And you, too, might brighten up the dark day with the thought of your offspring just at home laughing out loud as they slide down the slide on the loft bed.

With a few simple steps and additional pieces and accessories from our store, your children's room can easily be transformed into a small indoor playground.

A little help in deciding - the slide bed checklist

There are a few things to consider when buying a slide bed. Here is a small introduction to the most important points of the checklist, which you should work through before buying.
After all, a loft bed with slide is not a purchase that will be obsolete in a year or two.
The high-quality loft beds from our premium manufacturers FLEXA, Lifetime, Dolphin, DeBreuyn, bopita or Hoppekids, which have been tested for sustainability and safety, are modular pieces of furniture that grow with your child and can change their shape as often as you like. From a sliding bed to a normal loft bed and back again to a side bed or bunk bed. There is something for every age group and such a purchase needs to be well planned. But how to choose the right bed with this huge selection?

Slide bed checklist - helpful tips for buying a loft bed with slide:


Before choosing a loft bed with slide:

  • Determine room size exactly - to match the bed dimensions with the room dimensions.
  • Note the shape of the room - slide beds need a lot of space.


Place slide beds in small rooms, here are a few tips:

  • Long rooms - the bed can be on one of the short sides - the slide runs along one of the long walls.
  • Rooms with short walls - a loft bed with slide and slide platform can be the solution.


An overview of the different equipment options:

  • Convertible loft beds with slide - Beds that can be extended and rebuilt according to the modular system.
  • With straight ladder - vertical ascent and descent, space-saving, thus lower accident potential.
  • With inclined ladder - ascent and descent facilitated, often also by additional recessed grips, projects further into the room.
  • With slide directly from the bed - slide can be accessed directly, thus lower accident risk, projects further into the room.
  • With platform for slide and ladder - slide at an angle almost parallel to the bed, thus saving space.
  • Note lying surface - how much space does your child need to sleep?
  • Note material - solid wood or MDF, which wood is used.


At what age can my child use a sliding bed?

  • My child is three years old or older
  • My child can sit, stand and walk safely
  • My child can climb up and down the ladder of the loft bed on his own without any Problems.



STOP! If one or more points do not apply, it does not mean that you should not buy a loft bed with slide yet. Because as already mentioned, this is a very long-term purchase and you should definitely plan ahead for the future.
With the convertible slide beds from FLEXA, Hoppekids and Dolphin, you have the opportunity to buy your child a loft bed with slide right now. This, however, as long as your child is not yet the right age or meets the appropriate requirements, simply build up as a bed Couch.

Textiles in abundance - Off to adventure!

Whether as a little princess, a pirate, a jungle explorer or a circus director; with the bed textiles of our manufacturers, your child can slip into the most diverse roles according to his or her mood. Almost any scenario can be made in bright, childlike colors. Dress her loft bed with slide in the wild pirate look and provide the matching accessories in the room and your child becomes a buccaneer of the seven seas.
If this theme is just out of In, there are numerous other themed worlds in which you can immerse the room to give your child the necessary variety.

There's still room under the bed!

As a place to snuggle, complete with pillows and another mattress, the space under the bed can be included in play or used as a retreat. Equipped with a small desk, the space becomes a practical place to study, work or paint. In this way, you save valuable space in the children's room.
In addition, the area is ideal for storage space for toys, for a low chest of drawers or a shelf.
For the safety of the child, each crib is equipped with a sturdy guardrail, which ensures that the child does not fall out of bed at night. So, the sliding bed is not only a childhood dream, but the ideal piece of furniture for a carefree childhood. It invites equally to romp, to sleep and to feel good and gives the room its own, childlike touch.