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Kids Wardrobes

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Spielzeugkiste für das Kinderzimmer bei 123moebel.de

Make a hook on it: buy children's wardrobes at 123moebel.de

You are looking for attractive and imaginative children's furniture and you want to bring order to the children's room in a simple way?
The best thing to do is to try to get your child used to tidying up in a playful way. After all, if it's a fun game and not a chore, you've already won! But what good is the most beautiful game if the necessary utensils are missing, in this case, wardrobes for children?

Beautiful children's wardrobes set charming accents

Plain children's furniture is just too boring for you? Then the children's furniture from 123moebel.de is the right thing for you!
At 123moebel.de you will find a large selection of children's furniture for all occasions. And if you finally want to bring order to the jackets, bags and caps, these children's wardrobes are just the thing! Your child will love them and from now on will know where the jacket belongs, promise

Coat hooks for every occasion!

Many different models from different manufacturers fit into any children's room. Of course, it also depends on what you want to hang.
There are special coat racks or coat hook systems for the loft bed, which allow you to hang jackets, bags or pouches in a very space-saving way. A chic coat rack, perhaps in the shape of a tree or with a star at the top is another variant.

Also very popular are individual coat hooks, which can set beautiful accents painted with animals, flowers or cars. Here, the favorite jacket or even the kindergarten bag can find its permanent place.
Little princesses will have fun with the coat hook crown, which has a built-in mirror and thus gives every girl the feeling of being a princess or Snow White. Racers will find clothes hooks in the shape of a car or rock stars hooks in the shape of a guitar.

Spielzeugkiste für das Kinderzimmer bei 123moebel.de

Whether hooks or boards, 123moebel.de has the wardrobe for you!

Caps and caps find a place on beautiful small boards. Important for children is especially the playful aspect. A child-friendly coat rack (also in the entrance area, not alone in the children's room), can with individual hooks in the shape of a star or in the shape of a car give your child the feeling that he has his own place in the family. Just also when hanging up the jacket!
But also coat racks in classic miniaturized design will make hanging a jacket an experience. With a colorful wall coat rack, your child can not only store their jackets, but also learn in a simple way order.

123moebel.de is the specialized dealer for furniture on the Internet

The children's furniture from 123moebel.de is of high quality workmanship and always fully meets the requirements in the children's room. Imaginative shapes and cheerful motifs make the furniture of the children's wardrobe category colorful highlights in every child's room.
Whether fairy princess, pirate, racing driver or astronaut, no matter what your child wants to be, here design meets functionality and stimulates the imagination of every child. If you have any questions, the trained specialist staff at 123moebel.de will be happy to help and advise you!