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Music Boxes

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Spieluhren fürs Babyzimmer bei 123moebel.de

Music boxes - Musical secret weapon for cranky babies

Whether it's the lullaby by Brahms, the melody of "Somewhere over the rainbow" or "LaLeLu" - when a music box plays, even the most fussy babies suddenly become very quiet and listen attentively to the soft and soothing sounds. A music box is practically THE secret weapon you can use as a parent when you want to get your baby to fall asleep! Music boxes come in a variety of designs - we at 123moebel.de offer you a wide selection!

  •     Lullaby by Johannes Brahms:  

Probably the most famous lullaby for children worldwide was composed by Brahms in 1868. The song text "Good evening, good night" of the first verse is probably known to most. It was written by Clemens von Brentano, and the inspiration for it goes back to the late Middle Ages. There is also a second stanza, again by the philologist Georg Scherer, who published the text in 1849.

  •     Somewhere over the rainbow:

The music for this song is by Harold Arlen, E.Y.. Harburg wrote the lyrics to it. The song was written in the late 1930s and became famous through the musical film "The Wizard of Oz" (1939) starring Judy Garland. Other performers in the years since have included Glenn Miller (1939), Marusha (1994)and Israel Kamakawiwo'ole (posthumously 2007).

  •     LaLeLu:

The song achieved its breakthrough in 1955 with the film "Wenn der Vater mit dem Sohne", in which it was sung by Heinz Rühmann and Oliver Grimm. Five years earlier, Heino Gaze composed the bedtime song, which quickly became a real classic in children's bedrooms.

Everything in view: Music boxes for babies who like to watch

Most music boxes that you can find in our store have a loop for hanging on the baby's crib, playpen or stroller. This is ideal if your child is the observer type, who keeps the music box firmly in sight while the song plays - at least until the little eyes fall shut.
The variant of this music box is also practical if your child is very active during diapering and does not want to keep his little legs still. Then you can attach the music box above the changing table. Once wound up and bang - as soon as the melody sounds, the baby is distracted and can be freshened up in no time at all and without further stomping around.

Something for the heart: music boxes for babies for whom cuddling is the greatest!

Maybe your child is more the cuddle and cuddle type? Then you are right with the music boxes, which you can find in our store at 123moebel.de! Whether they are made of cotton or plush - they are all suitable for hugging and loving! You just have to choose the one that best suits your little bundle of joy! Would you prefer a star, a pillow or a cuddly toy? Prefer a car or even an airplane?

Spieluhren fürs Babyzimmer bei 123moebel.de

Replacement for "the one and only"!

However, if your child has lost his heart to "the one and only", we advise you at least to buy a second identical music box - in case the one fails, for example, because it needs to be cleaned or, in the worst case, the favorite music box is untraceable... Babies can become quite unpredictable! And before mommy and daddy's ears get strained, it's easier to conjure up a replacement, isn't it?

Go to the washing machine!

Especially in the first months after birth, the washing machine is running at full speed. Of course, it can also happen that a gush of milk pours over the music box that was stupidly in the way. Or it may have been so slobbered on during teething that mom decides it absolutely needs a thorough cleaning. Most music boxes can be cleaned with a damp cloth and a mild detergent. The manufacturer Lottas Lable even goes a step further: most of its music boxes can be put in the washing machine at 30°degrees (we recommend putting them in a laundry bag) and are even suitable for the dryer on the lowest setting. However, to be on the safe side, please always read the washing instructions on the label again!

A little tip for parents-to-be

A valuable tip for all parents-to-be: You can buy a music box during pregnancy, which you can wind up again and again and place next to the growing belly. This is a nice ritual - both for you as a mom and dad-to-be and for the little tummy dweller.