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Musical Toys

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Instrumente für Kinder zum Spielen bei 123moebel.de

Music, two, three, four! Children's instruments at 123moebel.de

The louder, the better!

Every child is musical - this has even been scientifically proven. However, the degree of musicality varies from child to child, and it depends on the encouragement given as to whether they will later become a little Mozart, Lang Lang or David Garrett. The most important thing: music should be fun for children! And that starts with the smallest ones: As soon as there is a rustling, crackling, ringing, rattling sound or a melody, attention is aroused. Even for babies, making sounds is a great pleasure. In the beginning, they listen to the music box with fascination, and by the time they are just a few months old, they are already shaking rattles vigorously. As they get older, instruments such as maracas, jingles and drums are added, inviting them to make music with their sounds and vibrations. A rule of thumb: the younger the child, the easier it should be to make sounds. Toddlers have a blast hitting different colored wooden sticks with a mallet and making different sounds like the xylophone. Once motor skills are more mature, children then enjoy strumming a guitar or banging on the keys of a piano. The little ones can produce particularly loud (and sometimes shrill) sounds by blowing vigorously into a harmonica or flute. For children of all ages, at any rate, the louder the better! And for parents: If the child is happy, so are mom and dad (even with earplugs if necessary)!

Instrumente für Kinder zum Spielen bei 123moebel.de

For nerves of steel: Just make music with them!

A little tip so that you as parents are not so quickly annoyed by the noise level from the children's room: Just grab yourself an instrument and organize a small, fine and loud family concert with your kids! And even if your musicality should be limited: It doesn't matter to your child, the fun is in the foreground!

Children are born with musicality

When babies are born, they already have "music in their blood". No wonder: even as little tummy-dwellers, they have heard the rhythmic heartbeat of their mothers, perceived voices, noises and music from outside. Babies' hearing is excellent, and shortly after they hatch, little ones can even recognize and distinguish between different pitches.

(Making) music is good for children

Music engages both sides of the brain and has a positive effect on children's development. The earlier the little ones come into contact with it, the better. In addition to language and communication skills when singing and listening to children's songs, instruments also develop fine motor skills. Through music, children learn about rhythm and their creativity is stimulated. In addition, they can relieve tension through music. For example, if mom has said "No!" to something and the toddler is upset, it can be incredibly relieving to get rid of the frustration by drumming! In contrast, soft melodies soothe and promote concentration.