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Spielbetten für das Kinderzimmer mit Rutschen und Plattformen von Dolphin, Flexa, Lifetime und Hoppekids

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"Playing is the language of the heart."
Susanne Stöcklin-Meier

The play bed, the perfect blend of two wonderful worlds! What doesn't a child love to do more than play? And what could be more important than getting enough sleep? The play bed offers both. It belongs to the loft beds and, depending on the manufacturer, is also called half loft bed or midisleeper.

Loft bed / play bed with and without slide

Very roughly, the category play bed can be divided into two areas: The category play bed with slide and just the category without slide.

A play bed for the child is much more than just a bed

Our selection of children's beds is unmatched. The team at has several hundred play beds on offer. So you can be sure to find the perfect bed for your child.
But what exactly is a play bed? And how does it differ from the loft bed?
A play bed, is first of all a loft bed. However, at about one meter high, it is not quite as tall as its close relatives. Under the sleeping area, there is space to store toys or set up a small play corner. Attaching a desk is not possible due to the height. The special thing about play beds is the rich choice of textiles and accessories, which in no time conjure up from the bed a cave in the jungle, a pirate ship, a space station or a princess's castle. The many themes to design your children's bed you will find in our category bed textiles.

Spielbetten für das Kinderzimmer mit Rutschen und Plattformen von Dolphin, Flexa, Lifetime und Hoppekids

Theme beds and adventure beds

Especially the play bed does not have it easy in terms of naming. The loft bed is relatively well defined, as is the bunk bed. But for the play bed there are many names and some names cover only a part of play beds, or cover a much wider range. To the last group belong the terms adventure bed and theme bed.
Since theme beds also include classic single beds, this term is too broad. But no matter what you call your children's dream bed, will help you find the right one.

Tested brand quality at

We only work with furniture manufacturers who can deliver the best quality. The goods must meet the highest standards, because our motto is: "The crib should grow with you!".
For this reason, we work with these manufacturers, among others: specializes in children's furniture and here especially in the large area of loft beds. In recent years, we have built up a great deal of know-how in this area, and our service staff is eager to pass this knowledge on to you. This means you can reach our team via live chat or email. In our contact form, you will once again find all the options for getting in touch with us.

Environmental protection is child protection is a matter of course at!

When buying a play bed, the same criteria apply as when buying any other children's furniture. It must be stable and designed to withstand the wild child years without damage. The bed frame and ladder, the slide and the fabrics should be able to keep up with playing children.
Of course, we pay special attention to environmentally friendly manufacturing (for example, only FSC-certified wood is used) and that the paints used are water-based. Unfortunately, this is not the case with many discounters.

We at invite you to discover the variety of play beds that grow with your children (most play beds can be converted into single beds!) in our online store and choose the right bed together with your Children!