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Playpen in a timeless and classic design

A playpen, also known by the name of playpen, provides excellent protection for the child when he can not get one hundred percent attention for a few moments. Not only does it provide a protected area, but it is also ideal for a manageable period of time to cuddle, play or get a little sleep. With its different variety of colors, the playpen can be perfectly integrated into any baby's room, and with its changing design options inside, it provides a lot of fun for the little ones.

The playpen and its extensive product variety

A playpen comes in many different shapes, sizes and designs. The respective size depends mainly on the available space, which is intended for the playpen. The practical folding function allows the playpen to be folded up after use to save space, making it easy to stow away. To ensure that the toddler is safely housed in the baby room, living room or bedroom and can observe everything perfectly, playpens from the manufacturer Childhome, for example, are also equipped with wheels, which makes it easy to take into any room. Depending on the size of the playpen, the interior offers plenty of space to add toys or to provide it with an additional pillow or blanket to create an optimal basis for a small cuddle paradise.

Laufgitter bei 123moebel.de

Advantages of playpens

A playpen not only provides adequate protection, it also wonderfully trains the toddler's motor skills. The vertical bars provide good conditions for trying out the first attempts at standing. Especially in the beginning, most attempts end with a landing on the bottom. To prevent the toddler from hurting himself, mattresses or suitable inserts can be purchased as an option for the playpen. The mattress in the playpen cushions the landings and invites further attempts to stand. Also very advantageous is the practical height adjustment of the floor. The playpens from Childhome can be adjusted in height three times, so that they grow with the baby and can be used for a longer period of time.