Seat Cushions & Bean Bag Chairs

Sitzkissen für Kinder zum Sitzen und Spielen bei

Many seat cushions in great colors in the assortment

Children's room is a place where a child spends a lot of time. The room should be tailored to the needs of the child and provide a good mood, so that he feels comfortable there at all times. This includes appealing furniture, accessories in matching colors and a small or large selection of toys. A wonderful addition to any child's room is a modern and trendy beanbag, which is an optimal seating option.

The beanbag for cuddling and feeling good

The beanbag is a piece of furniture suitable for children, which can be easily integrated into any children's room. The selection is large due to the many different colors and shapes, so that there is the right motif for every child. The seat cushion is comfortable and cozy and invites to cuddle moments. Compared to a stool or a chair, the beanbag has no corners and edges and poses no risk of injury, especially when romping and playing. The beanbag is filled with a large number of styrofoam beads, which adapt to every movement of the child and follow the ergonomics of the body. The small beads inside the beanbag feel warm and comfortable and adapt to the body temperature.


The beanbag for the perfect children's room

A beanbag is available in individual designs. It convinces with its light weight and can easily change its place in the children's room. The outer shell consists of many different materials, for example, imitation leather, leather, fabric and plush. This individuality makes it possible that this seat can be wonderfully integrated into any children's room. Hygiene plays an important role in the children's room, so washable and washable materials are especially popular. The cover is provided with a zipper, can be removed and cleaned in the washing machine. The seat cushion is durable and is characterized by its colorful appearance. It will become a bright eye-catcher in any children's room and provides a lot of joy for the little ones.