Seating Groups

Sitzgruppen für Kinder zum Sitzen und Spielen bei

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Furnishing a child's room is not always easy. You have decided on a suitable crib - after all, the most important furniture in the nursery - and already it goes on: where should the child of the Play?

For friends, fun, handicrafts and more: The seating area for children

Of course, your child will spend most of the time playing on the floor, because this is where the most space is. But the time comes for the first board games, crafts and painting, and at this point at the latest, your child needs a way to develop.
Especially in terms of social interaction with parents, siblings and friends, a seating group for children is the ideal solution. There is room for at least two people and the right size makes your child feel visibly at ease.

Rely on brand quality

Manufacturers such as Hoppekids or Flexa produce children's furniture of the highest quality.
This is evident not only in the durability of the products, but also in the attention to detail and the incomparably good way of processing. In addition, Hoppekids children's furniture is certified under the Nordic Eco Label, a strict eco-label that distinguishes the ecological pioneers.

Small seating group for children, we are happy to advise you

Within a very short time, the children's seating group will become a center of life and play for your child. Here, just like adults, you can read books, draw and cut out, but also play office or the classic "father, mother, child".
To make sure you make the right choice in every case, our team will be happy to assist you. Whether by phone, chat or email, we will be happy to advise you in detail about our products. We want your child to be happy!