Single Beds

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More comfort due to larger lying surface

Single bed and other furniture

Sleep is very important for a person. That is why many people spend so much time choosing a bed for your bedroom. Since the bed is the center of any bedroom or children's room, it is recommended to think about the comfort and appearance of the bed. A bed should match the other pieces of furniture in the bedroom. For this reason, you can order not only your single bed, but also other pieces of furniture, such as chests of drawers and closets.

One of the most important factors for comfort of your single bed is the lying surface. Children and single people who sleep restlessly at night can choose a single bed 120x200 cm. But also people who like a little more space can order such single bed. If you are looking for a suitable mattress, you can order it at the same time. Whether a slatted frame is included, you can see from the product description of the single bed or you can simply call us.

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