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Trendy sofa beds in many modern colors and materials - timeless!

For the furnishing of small apartments, guest rooms or vacation homes, folding sofa beds, which serve as a sofa during the day and as a bed at night, are particularly suitable.
Likewise, the functional sofa is very popular with young people who outgrow their children's room and henceforth want to have a teenager's room, or who move into their first own apartment and want to save (space).

Couch and bed in one - this is multifunction

A sofa bed has the great advantage that it can be used as a sofa and also as a bed. Instead of two single elements, you can save a lot of space with a sofa bed. This is interesting if you have, for example, a small apartment, or your teenager in the youth room does not need a bed during the day, but a sofa to hang out with friends.
The sofa beds in our offer are all easy to convert, even if you start the day a little sleepy in the morning, you only need a few moves to make the bed disappear. Similarly, in the evening, after partying with friends or a hard day at work.

Top sofa bed for a healthy sleep

For great, timeless and fancy designs as well as handy function changes provide especially our brand manufacturer Karup. Karup brand stands for stylish and durable futon furniture. The special feature of this furniture is a low height between the lying surface and the floor. Especially when there is not enough space for all your friends on the couch, a futon sofa is practical, because whether you sit on it or not, you communicate at eye level.

Futon sofas are very natural and comfortable

Futons, and also futon sofas, originated in Japan. They first became really popular in Germany in the 80s and have only increased in popularity since then.
This is due to the exotic timbre that is inherent to futons, but also to the natural materials that make up the futon mattress, which is, after all, the heart of these particular sofa beds. The peculiarity of Karup futons is the enormous choice of colors. As a rule, all products are available in sixteen colors!

Wohnzimmermöbel - Schlafsofas bei

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