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The storage box provides order and clarity in the children's room.

A storage box is a simple but effective tool in the fight against daily clutter in the children's room. Very quickly and easily, it can accommodate the things that would otherwise be scattered on the floor. The perfect storage box is more than just a simple container. It can contribute to the design of the baby's room. Storage boxes from manufacturers Flexa, Childhome and Kids Concept are designed to meet the exact needs for use in the nursery. Equipped with a playful exterior, they offer enough storage space for all things that arise in the nursery or baby room. Not only toys can be perfectly stored in the boxes. Also daily needed things like diapers or other items can be stored very well and neatly.

Our wide range of storage boxes

The storage boxes for the baby room from our range are a real eye-catcher. It does not matter whether it is a plastic box, a universal box made of non-woven material or one made of wood; all of them provide order and storage space in the blink of an eye. Toys, clothes as well as other important utensils can be stored easily and clearly arranged. You get different versions with and without lids, carrying loops or even stackable boxes, some of which have been provided with practical handles or handle slots. Very nice are the practical storage options called Utensilo, which are made of gray or light green felt. These inexpensive containers are very suitable for holding smaller items, as they have several compartments or pockets. Furthermore, you can get practical toy bags or storage baskets with beautiful motifs and designs from the same manufacturer, which can then be stored in a space-saving way, should they not be needed once. Some of the toy boxes are foldable, for example, and can even be turned over.

Storage box and piece of furniture at the same time

The practical storage boxes from Flexa, on the other hand, can also be stacked thanks to their drawers with large storage space. They are made of sturdy wood and can also serve as a nightstand or seat. The actual storage box consists of a kind of drawer that can be easily pulled out thanks to the integrated wheels. Here, both toys and useful utensils can be stored clearly and space-saving. With us you will find the right storage box for every need, both in a robust form and as a low-priced storage box with an attractive exterior.

We are happy to advise you!

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