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Wohnzimmertische und Couchtische

At the table in the realms of transform your living room into a cozy and practical space! With the tables from our store you create excellent conditions for a location within your home, where you feel comfortable. Depending on the range of space available to you, you can furnish the living room with a laptop table, standing table, side table and/or coffee table. We offer you first-class processed pieces of furniture at fair prices!

Laptop and standing tables as stylish work and meeting points

Laptop and standing tables have primarily functional tasks. A laptop table must be stable and ergonomically designed. The models available from us meet these requirements to the highest degree: most of them feature a height- or tilt-adjustable stand and storage area. The standing tables from renowned manufacturers such as Hammerbach are designed to be similarly practical. And best of all: In addition to their functionality, the work and meeting points are also visually impressive.

A coffee table as the centerpiece of the living room

In terms of coffee tables, you can choose between classic models made of oak wood and steel, as well as modern versions made of clear glass in varied shapes. For example, you can find tables with slanted elements or even those that house either a general shelf or a special newspaper compartment. Many coffee tables delight with their details: some have wavy table legs or an unusual color scheme, while others are not only a table, but also function as a trendy box or chest with a casual design, such as the British or American flag.

Wohnzimmertische und Couchtische

Side tables to round off the feel-good space

In a comfortably furnished living room, a chic side table can not be missing. It can enhance the space, which is all about rest and relaxation, both functionally and visually. As for coffee tables, in the subcategory to the side tables you can expect models of various kinds. Fancy designs alternate with plain, simple tables. Some specimens are equipped with wheels, so that they can be easily pushed from A to B.


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Not at all dished up: each table in the assortment of is the product of a well-known company. Examples include Flexa, Steens, Karup, Innovation, Mayer Sitzmöbel, Spinder, Lounge Tek and Meise Möbel. Now only your considerations and a few clicks separate you from your home table paradise!