Themed Beds

Should it be themed bed or adventure bed for your child?

Themenbetten und Spielbetten für das Kinderzimmer von Flexa, Dolphin, Lifetime und Hoppekids

"Never lose sight of life's little adventures." Jürgen Beuerle

A themed bed describes a loft bed for children that has a certain theme with its textile furnishings. Pirates, cars, knights, princesses or even heroes from TV like Star Wars, Hello Kitty or Disney characters are very popular.
The adventure bed, on the other hand, is already based on the theme in terms of shape, for example, the very popular car beds. But there are so many more options for a great themed or adventure bed:

  • Pirate Beds
  • Car beds
  • princess beds
  • knight beds

You can easily select more themed beds using our theme filters on the left!

Turn a play bed or a loft bed into a themed bed!

With the right accessories, even a loft bed or a bunk bed can be easily transformed into a great themed bed or play bed.

In our online store we have other theme and adventure beds, a special highlight are still the tree house beds. But also to different themes like Hello Kitty, Angel Cat Sugar, Disney Cars, Astronaut etc. we have a great selection.
We are sure you will find the right one for your child.

We write service big!

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