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Kinderspielzeug bei 123moebel.de

"The source of all good lies in play."

This was already known by Friedrich Wilhelm August Fröbel, a German educator and student of Pestalozzi, who founded the first kindergarten in 1840.

So it is obvious that we also decided to include the category of toys in our store. Also, because the toys are one of the most elementary components of any child's room. With the half-height play beds and the corresponding textiles, we already had some products in our assortment that are fun for children and that they like to include in their play. Also slides, some rocking animals, play tents and storage boxes for toys, even in unusual shapes, such as the animal toy boxes of the brand Werkhaus, could be found in our store for some time. However, rather scattered here and there, as individual products in other categories.

Now the search has finally come to an end! With the new category toys everything is in one place and we are glad to have this so important part of the child development as a fixed part in our assortment. And what could be a greater joy for your children than to surprise them with a new toy every now and then? Whether as a reward for good performance, as a gift for a birthday or Christmas, or simply as a small, nice gesture in between. Toys always make children's eyes light up - and we love children's eyes lighting up!

When it comes to toys, we also remain true to our requirements for manufacturers!

The best and most sustainable children's room furnishings are one thing. Here, the requirements have changed drastically in recent years in terms of quality, playability, safety and sustainability. The toys are the other. Here, too, urgent attention should be paid to providing children with high-quality products that, in addition to the fun effect, do not bring any harmful substances or vapors into play. Especially cuddly toys or other toys that are taken to bed or used directly at the sleeping place can become a danger for your children if they are made with materials that contain PVC or formaldehyde. You can find a post on this topic in our blog: Fresh Air in the Children's Room. Here we describe the dangers that can be caused by some disease-causing ingredients, especially in plastic toys or furnishings, but also in clothing for children. To avoid these disease-causing factors, it is just as important to pay attention to quality and sustainability when choosing toys as when buying furnishings. And because the health of your children is as important to us as the health of our own children, we have not made it easy for ourselves with the toys category. We have set ourselves the goal of offering you the toys that you can offer your children without hesitation.

Our assortment of toys and their brands - 123moebel.de is sure to bring fun to your child's room!

Kinderspielzeug bei 123moebel.de

We select the manufacturers of the toys we offer at least as carefully as the manufacturers of our children's and baby furniture assortments. In addition to the factors of quality, durability, sustainability and safety, both the fun and the effectiveness of a toy are in the foreground. Sometimes children should simply be allowed to play freely, without the imposed teacher's finger and with toys that are simply there for fun and do not want to score with another creative or other learning effect. Here children learn namely, independent thinking and acting, undisturbed occupation with itself and in the group, social competence and responsibility for the property. Playing is ALWAYS connected with learning. Sometimes you have to learn to lose. And sometimes that hurts a little. And sometimes it's important that toys have the added value of delivering one or more targeted learning messages. For young children, for example, the right toys at the right time can be a fun way to learn colors and numbers and letters and shapes. If the toy could also take on the task of training dexterity or logical thinking at the same time, that would probably be the ultimate product for young children. How? Does it already exist? It's hard to believe, but these are exactly the learning effects that can be achieved with one of the oldest toys of all: building blocks.

By the way, the funny and somewhat different rocking animals, scooters and cars of the brands Kids Concept and Childhome have found their way into our assortment. They enrich our product range with cuddly, whimsical or retro-chic companions on wild or leisurely rides, trips, rocking parties in their own children's room. From stylish rocking scooters to cute rocking giraffes that even add their own music to the fun, there's a mount for every taste. Browse our extensive range for a while and find the new best friend for your offspring.

Also play tents, cuddly blankets, rocking animals and toy boxes of various manufacturers can be found in our assortment and under the category toys. The range of products here is constantly expanding and it will always be worthwhile to take a look here and marvel at the novelties. Because playing brings fun into life!