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Train Wooden Railway

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The wooden train set - a classic in the children's room

For small and large Explorers

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"Toot, toot, toot!" Driving a train and playing on the railroad has a special appeal for children. No wonder that the classic wooden train set is a must in every child's room. Our wooden trains from the trendy labels Little Dutch, Jabadabadu, Kids Concept as well as Plan Toys bring lots of fun, encourage creativity and are true design heroes at the same time. Whether with colorful building blocks, animal motifs or as a complete set - the deliberately reduced but lovingly designed shapes do not overstimulate and specifically stimulate the imagination of your little ones. Finely finished surfaces that are easy to grip provide a pleasant feel and playfully support the development of your children. Original features such as moving figures or plug-in shapes inspire enthusiasm and encourage exciting adventures. Children build their own little world, discover new things again and again and try things out. In addition, playing together with friends promotes language development and social skills. Parents also like to get involved and quickly slip into the role of the conductor or locomotive driver. For particularly natural and unclouded play fun, our sturdy, durable wooden trains are of course of the highest quality. They are almost "unkapputtbar" and provide pure joy for years to come.

Small tip: For Easter, birthday or Christmas simply a great gift idea!

Pure play fun

Children love to discover new things. With our wooden trains from the labels Little Dutch, Jabadabadu, Kids Concept and Plan Toys, they live out their imagination and love of adventure in many different ways. They slip into the most diverse roles and build their own themed worlds.

With great patterns, fresh colors and fun design presents the "Adventure" wooden train from Little Dutch. The removable plug-in shapes offer little explorers a variety of combination options and specifically stimulate creativity.

Simply animal is the colorful wooden train of the brand Jabadabadu. From the funny building blocks in the twinkling of an eye a great tower that can be varied again and again. The cord on the locomotive allows you to take your favorite toy anywhere.

All aboard! On a fast ride it goes with the wooden train "Edvin" from Kids Concept. In different sized wagons all forest animals have room and enjoy the trip in the nursery.

A great surprise for the first birthday is the pull-along train "Happy Locomotive" from Plan Toys. Through bouncing figures, your child is wonderfully animated to move and has lots of fun.

For little adventurers from 3 years, wooden train sets are a great play idea. The assembly of the rails promotes dexterity and dexterity. By building their own themed worlds, there are no limits to their imagination and hours of fun are guaranteed.

Of course, an imaginative play world includes a train station. Waiting guests on the bench, luggage carts, bicycles and clock - Plan Toys has depicted every detail, no matter how small. A huge fun for small and large Explorers!